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Op-ed: Did we learn from Hurricane Sandy?

One year ago, Hurricane Sandy slammed into the New York and New Jersey coasts. As a result, 43 people died, lower Manhattan was dark for days, and seven hospitals had to be evacuated. In New York and New Jersey, 650,000 houses were damaged, 8.5 million people lost power and reconstruction is expected to cost more than $60 billion.

This destruction reawakened our leaders to the vulnerability of our coastal communities and brought home the dangers of climate change. But have we learned the right lessons?

Read the full op-ed here: http://hamptonroads.com/2013/11/marqusee-and-titley-did-we-learn-hurricane-sandy

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Connecting the dots: Extreme climate change, conflict

What does melting sea ice in the Arctic have to do with the barbarism of the Islamic State?

The answer is scary: Rising sea levels eventually will overrun some Pacific island nations and will turn many low-lying villages around the globe into ghost towns. Where will the uprooted inhabitants go?

Read the whole article at: http://www.statesmanjournal.com/story/opinion/columnists/dick-hughes/2014/11/22/connecting-dots-extreme-climate-change-conflict/19418355/