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31 scientific societies just told Congress to take their climate denial and shove it

“If this was a discussion about facts, evidence, or even risk management, the debate would have ended years ago. But this is really about ideology, beliefs, money, the role of governments in solving long-term challenges, and, frankly, a failure of imagination on scales rarely seen before,” [CSWCR Director David] Titley said.

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The Age of Consequences documentary

A new documentary looks at the impacts of climate change on national security and global stability.  Filmmakers conducted interviews with many experts including CSWCR Director David Titley.  Dr. Titley also appeared at the world premiere of the documentary at the Hot Docs Film Festival in Toronto in May 2016.

Learn more about the film.


Dr. David Titley with director Jared Scott and executive producer Sophie Robinson


Promo materials from the documentary’s Kickstarter campaign

National Academy of Sciences report on Extreme Weather and Climate Change

CSWCR director David Titley headed up a National Academy of Science, Engineering, and Medicine committee that looked into connections between extreme weather events and climate change.  The committee concluded that the intensity and frequency of some extreme weather events has been influenced by anthropogenic climate change.

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